A Visit With… A Cappella Books

A Cappella BooksI spent this morning at A Cappella Books in East Atlanta, GA. What an adorable shop!!! This is the kind of bookstore is what dreams are made of. Small, quaint, filled with some of the newest titles… mixed with old familiar (and not so familiar) titles. A lot of books ‘facing out’ give the space a clean and open feel.

Chris (New Book Buyer) was generous enough to share some of his precious time answering my questions and talking ‘books’ with me. However I am sure he would do that for everyone who walks in the door.

At first the music playing over the stereo system almost had me walk out the door. Some hard to listen to metal screeching was jarring my nerves… but eventually it turned into something more enjoyable… and my stomach settled down, so I stayed.

They do many events and are looking forward to hosting Chelsea Handler this March while she is in town doing a local show. Where they will put everyone is beyond me… but Chris assures me they have a plan.

They have an AWESOME buy back program too! So if you live in OR find yourself in the Atlanta area make sure you stop in. You will be very happy you did.

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