James Patterson

OK… Confession time… I have NEVER read a book by James Patterson. Seriously!!! I have sold hundreds of them in my bookstores. I have met him and spoken to him over the years at trade shows for the book industry… but again NEVER have ever read a word he has written. I am even a follower of his blog, Facebook and newsletter.

Which is why I am here today to talk about James Patterson and his books.

When I attend these trade shows I would have a long list of things I hoped to accomplish. Finding small publishers offering unique titles, smoothing out problems with some of the larger publishers, getting a sneak peek on upcoming books I think would sell well, hob nob with the bigwigs in the publishing houses, and more. One thing I NEVER did was to stand in line to meet an author and have a book signed.

Every publisher would parade their latest and greatest authors out during the show and have them sit behind a table to sign books while another person ‘worked’ the crowd. Depending on the author the line could take a half an hour or more to get through. I didn’t have a half an hour to spare to just stand in line… nor did I care to.

Flying through the children’s section of the show one year I caught a glimpse of an author sitting by himself. No one was in line. I zoomed past and when I got to the end of the aisle I stopped up short, turned to my store manager and asked, “Was that James Patterson sitting by himself in the booth back there?” We back tracked to take a look.

Yes… Mr. Patterson was there to promote and sign copies of his new young adult fantasy series Maximum Ride. The show had just opened for the day and no one was really there yet. I started the conversation… but Mr. Patterson quickly took it over. Not only did he sign a book for me, but as he placed it ever so gingerly in my hands he explained to me the talking points I needed to hand sell this particular book in my stores.

Mr. Patterson is known by most as an awesome author… however few of you don’t know what a consummate business person he is. Go ahead… take a look at his website… I’ll wait.

La-di-da… Back yet?

Did you see where he offers the ability to read a bunch of chapter for FREE? He knows that if you invest the time, you will want to purchase the book to finish reading. Think about it… once you’ve started a book, you really can’t put it down.


Tell me… if you read James Patterson which is your favorite book? Your least favorite? If you haven’t read him (like me)… why not? What would make you read one??

Here is his most recent book…

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