Busy Reading…

There are so many GREAT books out there, I can’t keep on top of reading them all!! I would love to take an Evelyn Woods Speed Reading course, but I think that would make reading become more of a ‘job’ instead of the enjoyable experience it is supposed to be.

Oh wait… I DO read as a job! I read so I can direct you all to the best new authors. Duh! Aren’t I lucky to have such a peaceful and stress free job?

To that end… I have just finished the two books I will review this month.  Portion of the Sea, written by Christine Lemmon, and When Shotgun Goes Off Watch Out For Bear Trap by Rick Sterry (yes, that’s really the title). Speak about opposite ends of the spectrum!!! Any way. I will be posting those reviews late tonight.

Do YOU have a book I should read and review? If so, drop me a line at: deb (at) uniqueandnovel (dot) com.