Flags, Flags, and More Flags!

I have been busy, busy, busy sewing many strands of Nautical Code Flags for clients and shipping them all over the country. Some customers are using the flags as wall decor in their children’s bedrooms, and others are using them for weddings, birthday parties and bridal showers. One customer is hanging their flags outside on their screened in porch. So much fun!!

Nautical Code Flags spell MALIBU

Can you read these Code Flags??

I LOVE custom orders! Although I only offer 8″ x8″ felt flags on etsy.com for sale, I get giddy when customers inquiry if I create custom flags out of other fabric choices (and sizes) as well. One customer asked if I can sew them ‘larger than life’ to be used as a stage prop for an upcoming play. Of course I answered a resounding YES!!! I hope they decide to go ahead with the order!

The felt flags are made of the finest polyester felt available, which means you can hang them outdoors… and even toss them in the washer!!! I tested it out, and they washed up beautifully! *Please remove them from the rope before washing… and hang to dry (do NOT tumble dry).

Currently I am working on the pattern for a larger flag (18″ x 18″), sewn of UV Coated Flag Fabric. One edge will be bound with 100% cotton twill and I hope to secure a reliable source for brass grommets. I’m so excited! These flags will be ‘the real deal’ and look spectacular!!! Keep your eyes on this site as I will post a photo as soon as my samples are finished.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer,