On My Way to Book Expo 2015!!!

I just signed up to attend Book Expo America 2015 in New York City!! I have been many times before… but this is the first time I am attending as a blogger.


For those of you not familiar… Book Expo is the once a year conference extravaganza for the book industry. Publishers, authors, booksellers, and media professionals all converge at the Javitz Center for 3 days of non-stop book talking!! Trust me when I tell you your eyes glaze over, your feet throb, you get cranky, and you have the biggest smile on your face when you leave.

In years past the publishers handed out so many galleys (just written yet still un-published books) you needed suitcases to haul them all home. Currently with the invention of the e-reader and printing costs escalating not as many are available. However… there is much to see and do at this event.

Although many celebrity authors are on hand to sign the newest copy of their book, I tend to steer clear of those long lines. Shifting my weight from one foot to the other for over an hour just to spend 2 seconds with an author is not, in my opinion the best use of my time. Besides… you get a more personal interaction by bumping into them on the elevator (ahem… Michael Connelly and James Patterson… not that I’m name dropping).

My focus this year is to attend the Blogger’s Conference to listen and learn from the top book bloggers on the net in hopes of pushing this site to it’s limits and become one of the very sought after sites for book information.

I have noticed there are hundreds of sites out there blogging for the Young Adult genre… as well as Romance, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy…. none of which I read. I’m hoping to blog about more ‘main-stream’ titles and self published authors (the unsung heroes of the industry)… in addition to small independent publishers. A lot of well written and interesting books come across my desk that YOU are not going to hear about unless I tell you about them.

Keep watching this site as it grows. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite author just by reading a review here.