Have you ever heard of No??? Well… let me introduce you this wonderful site.

As an Independent Bookstore owner in a past life, Indiebound was my best source of current and upcoming titles. The bookstore staff always looked forward to receiving a monthly box filled with ARCs (Advanced Readers Copies). We would fight over the titles by well known authors and hesitantly read the ones by ‘first time’ authors. When finished, we would give them away to customers and ask them to write a short review if possible.

There are TWO major reasons YOU should go to this site. Number ONE is their Independent Bookstore SEARCH feature. Whether you are at home or on vacation, you can simply type in your zip code or address and search for the local INDIES in your area. PLEASE, I beg of you… PLEASE support your local bookstores!! If every reader purchases just TWO books a year from an INDEPENDENTLY owned store it would mean so much!!

The SECOND reason you need to bookmark this site is to look for your ‘next read’. Each month this site lists the top selling books across the nation. Not only the hardcovers… but paperbacks too. What makes this list different than, say, The New York Times Bestseller List??? Well… these titles are a list of what’s actually SELLING in the stores… not what the stores are purchasing.

Which reminds me… have you ever looked at the New York Times Bestsellers List??? I am always amused when I see a book listed in the top 3 that was JUST released that week. If the book is a real dog, the bookstores get to send the unsold copies back to the publishers… then you can watch the title sink on the list. (Can you tell I don’t have a life???)